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    Louise McReynolds
    May 10, 2024

    I am deeply saddened & heartbroken for those residents of this poorly run & managed assisted living who were lied to by the owners. Five of them came in there with their smooth sales talk & blatantly lied to the staff promising to not kick us all out which is other companies do when they buy a business! They lied to the residents as well, promising a higher standard of food, fix the many serious issues the building was experiencing from no hot water, roach infestation, rats, mosquitoes infestation, elevators constantly breaking down, quality activities, constant leaks, replacement of the stained & overused carpeting & good security. Instead they came in there like a wrecking ball & destroyed lives! They fired a group of hardworking, dedicated, committed & EMPATHETIC employees whose FIRST thought was the RESIDENTS. This is what they say in their job description is a huge part of working with those suffering dementia, memory loss & Alzheimer’s. A crippling & sad disease. The ones that were fired oddly enough were the ones that did have a deep empathy for their residents! They didn’t like that because we were vocal about the mistreatment of the residents. So these swarve & smooth young business men spoke to 1 or 2 members of the staff who advised them against keeping us - the ones who had our work ethics & morals intact. The ones who put the residents FIRST. The ones who dedicated our lives to these frail, fragile & loving HUMANS who were desperate to be treated with DIGNITY & RESPECT during their LAST FEW YEARS LEFT ON EARTH😪!! The staff they let go were the best &, combining all the years, amounts to approximately 28/30 yrs!!! We were fired because we took our positions seriously. We were fired because we cared. The toxicity & jealousy amongst the employees that advised these new owners to not rehire us, was brutual. For a bunch of smooth talking men who came into our lives & wrecked them, proves that they are heartless & unprofessional. The professional way within which to handle the takeover was to speak to each of us individually like they promised they would. All they did was break every promise to the staff & to the residents who believed their lies💔! I will continue to fight for those residents who became my family. Skilled Management has given up on them…I will not! You see, I am so much better than them. I am not driven by money & greed. I am driven by the most important quality a human being can possess…EMPATHY! How incredibly devastating it is when others tell another story & give 5*!! Of course I’m well aware as to why they’re doing this! Greed is a terrible thing. God help those vulnerable & hurting residents whose families will not take them out of there💔💔💔😭🙏🙏🙏

    April 16, 2024

    I worked there for 2 weeks and I witnessed a lot of abused behavior against the residents from the staff, I reported to HR and also to Rita the diredtor and never dod nothing i decided to resing from my position as a driver i have proof that i reported, please dont let tour live ones to stay here in this horrible place

    nancy solyn
    May 12, 2023

    Although this facility has a new owner we are still waiting to see if the place improves. In 2022 total there was rationing of toilet paper, lukewarm to cold showers, no bus to take the residents to doctor appointment or any where else. We really missed Brookdale management. All that staff left and Summit could not keep staff. The turnover was enormous. We really pray that the new owners make the place as great as it was with Brookdale.

    Timmy Reilly
    April 07, 2023

    My dad stays at Tarzana Summit location and I'm so happy that this management company took over the community as I see a lift in service, resident engagement and staff. Great company.

    Lynn Tejada
    July 09, 2019

    I couldn't love the place & the people who care for my dad—from the receptionists to the nursing staff—more. I am so very thankful he is in such a warm & inviting atmosphere where he is safe and checked-on throughout the day. Really love BNT 💚.

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