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    Alexis Dayna
    December 19, 2023

    From beginning to end, Roi the owner, and Uzi the Project Manager, made my choice to use Royalty Roofing simple. My roof was completed on schedule, at a good price, and easily passed inspection. I highly recommend using them for any of your roofing needs! :)

    Yonatan Sassoon
    October 18, 2023

    After 10 years of living in my house it was time for a new roof. Royalty Roofing was by far the best roofer I had to get the job done. I used royalty because the scope of work they did and pricing was very competitive against other roofers. Uzi the project manager was great he was with us every step of the way. He was very detailed on the job and made sure everything went smoothly in a timely manner I will definitely recommend them!! Thank you Royalty

    Vatche Mekhjian
    December 22, 2023

    I used few roofers in last 25 years by far royalty roofing was the best on time professional work and clean job I’ll recommend to all my friends and family and Uzi is the best honest and always ready to answer all my questions and concerns he gets 5.5 stars from me

    Antonio Beltran
    August 28, 2023

    I called Royalty Roofing and they sent David out for an estimate on the cost of full roof replacement. They seemed professional over the phone and followed up with confirmation of the estimate the day prior. Dave arrives, albeit 15 minutes late outside of the 2 hour window, gets out of the car and does not even go on to the roof. He stood on the sidewalk and stated that he “can see the shingles from here”. He then proceeds to take a tape measure out and measure the length of the sides of my house to get an idea of the square footage of the roof. Previous companies actually measured the roof itself and used computer programs to gain accurate measurements since my roof has a decent pitch. I had to persuade him to look in my attic to assess the integrity of my roof as well, so he simply popped his head in for 10 seconds. After scribbling the numbers down and adding them up into a notebook he had, he tells me the cost of full roof replacement for both my house and garage which came back much lower than previous estimates. I worry that it is due to inaccurate measurements, but I can’t say for certain so I don’t complain. I ask him for the additional costs for the gutters and attic insulation to which he seems to think for a second and then gives me a range, instead of an exact cost. Because I felt uneasy, I requested a formal estimate be written up stating the exact costs discussed today for my records. He stated he couldn’t provide one because their administrative office was busy. I called after he left and followed up for the next 3 business days and have been given one excuse after another as to why they can’t provide an estimate. “Oh I’m sorry, David was busy and I couldn’t reach him”, “I left the office for the day and forgot to call you back”, or my favorite “we don’t provide formal estimate right ups or we will have to charge you because you may use it for insurance purposes and never actually use us for the job”. They claimed they heard back from David to which he told them the price he quoted me, which was $4,000 higher than last week! Why?! I have no idea because they fail to provide an actual cost breakdown as to what it is that I would be paying tens of thousands of dollars for. I don’t know if the price increased because of materials, or addition of gutters/insulation or if that includes just the house or the garage as well. I DO NOT recommend this company as my interactions with them before they even start work has been very concerning and almost feels like I am setting myself up to a severe liability if they state one price, then increase it once the job starts. I, as a customer, would have no evidence of proof of the agreed upon price, or recourse, other than what they claim for it to be verbally with no paper trail. It isn’t that difficult to simply provide a free, written estimate (which their ad in the magazine states) and cost breakdown so that your potential clients can make educated guesses as to how best to proceed as plenty of companies prior have done so. EDIT: just received a phone call from David and he stated that the estimate did NOT include the garage because that is what I requested which explains why the estimate came back lower. How would I have even know this without an estimate?! It is in my notes that it includes both the house and garage. So much for the lower, competitive quote. He also states that their office is much too busy to provide written estimates and that regarding the price I can either take it or leave it. How rude!

    S Law
    April 12, 2021

    When my roof needed to be replaced back in January of 2021, I researched and found Royalty Roofing! Based on the numerous positive reviews I read, I made an appointment and was very surprised to have the business owner, Roi, come out and measure the roof and give me an estimate. Before the job began, Roi generated a contract with details and payment installments, which were adhered to during the job. Roi communicated the details of the roof replacement and explained all the intricate details involving the process and costs (up front), which is what I needed to know before deciding. I appreciate in the end of the process, there were no surprises or extra costs, which were not disclosed up front. After interviewing three other roofing companies in the area, Royalty Roofing was the only company which came within range of the insurance company’s estimate. My overall experience with Royalty Roofing for my roof replacement has been a very positive experience. Roi managed the project and added all the required finishing touches to the roof. My roof looks GREAT thanks to Royalty Roofing. Roi communicated with me via text and telephone on a regular basis. When I had a question, I reached out to Roi and he was patient, polite, and responsive! The roofers were the BEST, as they worked diligently, quickly, and cleaned up after each task. The office staff is also very great, and forwarded invoices, contracts, etc. in a timely manner. Thank you for your services!

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