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    Daniel Rios
    December 26, 2023

    Do not order from this store. They called after two hours to let me know that they didn’t have drivers to deliver food. They claimed I used door dash when I ordered through their app. I asked to speak to an owner or manager and they hung up on me. They wouldn’t even guarantee they will reverse the charges. The told me come pickup the food that I ordered for delivery. I don’t even know why this store pretends to services my neighborhood. Now I have to follow up with my bank and dispute the charge. On a regular basis they struggle to deliver in the time that is promised. This last experience has led to me having no trust in this store. Nothing says you hate a community more than not even doing the job you are suppose to do. It’s Christmas Day maybe you all should of closed if you didn’t want to work.

    Thomas Nagy
    October 23, 2023

    It took one hour and a half to get my pizza when I called and nobody answered the phone and then I was put on hold for 30 minutes then I called back three more times asked for a manager. Some lady put me on hold again. Finally I got the assistant manager on the phone and he said that there was only one Driver one person making pizzas and one person answering the phones and they were completely bombarded and they weren’t getting enough hours to put enough employees to work. I think it’s horrible. If you’re trying to run a pizza business and have no employees to run the business to take care of the customers, my pizza arrived won an hour and a half and cold I had to heat it up ridiculous and I’m trying to get a hold of the district manager Clara but unfortunately it’s not that easy so if Clara by chance see this message my name is Tom and if you speak to Johathan, he will know who I am and he has my phone number. I would like to speak to you if you get this message.

    melissa J
    September 29, 2023

    I made a order for delivery at 7:12 exactly after 1 hour I called the store some Spanish lady answered and said your food is done sitting here getting cold and won’t be delivered for 45 mins I said seriously then she hung up the phone now it’s been 30 minutes of me calling back to back and they will not answer the phone. I even called the order line I done chat everything the. I get an email saying my order was delivered and ask me to tip it was never delivered all I wanted was my food. I am starving. Is this what papa John does I make a order online they tell me my food is done and it’s getting cold they won’t delivery it for an additional 45 minutes after I waited an hour, then I received an email stating that my order was delivered and to tip now it is 840 pm and still no answer no food or anything somebody needs to go in train this person who answered the phone this Spanish lady, who answered the phone at 7:57 PM exactly I think the whole team in that store needs to be trained or fired. Nobody should even be working there with that type of attitude. Where was her customer service? She told me my food is sitting here getting cold. It’s been done since 15 minutes. And it won’t be delivered till additional 45 minutes. WHY IS SHE EVEN WORKING HERE with this type of behavior

    Adam Davis
    November 01, 2023

    Jist ordered a Jack O'Lantern pizza only to get home to find out there is no pepperoni on it. I called the store and explained to the guy who answered. He left me on hold for 15 minutes while I could hear him and the others workers in the back. After 15 they just hung up. I'm working today, but I will be coming to the store tomorrow. I promise you that and the conversation won't be as nice as I tried to be today.

    vandermeer Kaine
    December 25, 2023

    Don't expect your delivery in under 2 hours. Their delivery tracker does not work or update. They will not answer the phone either. Don't bother, not worth the hassle.

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