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18441 Devonshire St, Northridge, CA 91325, USA

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    Daryl Masuda
    July 23, 2024

    This place has a comfortable modern vibe. Its interior design gives it a light and open feel. And, with a covered outdoor patio, and a bar it's a nice restaurant to visit. Our server was very hospitable and accommodated our every need. And, of course he started us off with the classic Mexican appetizer. Chips and Salsa, here you also get a bean dip. One way to tell a good Mexican restaurant is by the Chips and Salsa. Here they definitely pass the grade. The chips were light and crispy. The salsa was made to perfection, and the bean dip was slightly spicy and creamy good. My mom and sister shared the Chile Verde, and I ordered two chicken enchiladas and a beef taco combination. I tasted the Chile Verde and it was a tender-filled mouthful of flavorful pork. The tortillas were fantastic. They were obviously freshly made, parts of the tortillas were even slightly charred. My combination dinner was great as well. The taco shell was crunchy, the vegetables were fresh, and the beef was tender. The chicken enchiladas were terrific covered in tasty enchilada sauce. And, the rice and beans were simple, but delicious. If you're in the mood for Mexican food. This place fits the bill.

    m buller
    June 04, 2024

    This place is just right there between good and bad. I went there 6 maybe 7 months ago and couldn't get seated. Not because of being to busy but it just opened. This place is in the same building as El President used to be. Not the same food at all. My issue with the food here is simple to repair. LESS SALT. The staff and bartender and hostess seem motivated. They are absolutely trying to get the place up on its feet, They provide good service. The focus in that place is on making it more into a club. They are more unto selling alcohol. I'm not in the food buisness. If you cook it I will come. Occasionally maybe taste the food you sell. Usually over salted means the food is stale. Attempt to hide flavor. The place is clean. Not really bad mouthing it. Hopefully the review helps.

    Jose Gomez
    May 02, 2024

    They have the worst service!!! Food is good, just terrible service. Went on a Sunday afternoon around 1PM, the place was almost empty so there was no excuse for lack of attention from our waitress. After we were seated we waited more than 10 mins for someone to come take our drink order! The only reason they came is because we got up and went to look for someone to come to our table. The waitress didn’t even apologized for taking so long she just went on and took our drink order with a slight attitude. I was hungry and I didn’t want her to spit on our food so I didn’t complain. Waitress never came around for refills or to check on us. There was only one person that I saw working there and that was an older man who was the buss boy, I asked him to get us refills and he gladly did it. The food was not bad, but the experience didn’t it make it great. Not sure if I will ever go back there again. Management should look into this if they don’t want to keep losing customers.

    Arthur Bryan
    June 08, 2024

    Exactly what you want when you want it. My wife likes to set expectations for a venue, just expect good food and drinks, sometimes they're slow, sometimes they're fast, every time you get a smile, and sometimes live music! You won't be disappointed.

    Yvonne Belmontez
    March 18, 2024

    This was my first time eating at this restaurant, I was excited to try,.we had a family get together and we all drove about 40 miles to meet here due to all of our locations. My family had some complaints, but I'll share mine. The food was "okay" service, also "okay", but when I got by bill, I noticed that I was charged $3.50 for a little side of sour cream, mind you when I brought to waitress attention and kindly asked her to remove that charge especially since I asked them not to put any salsa or guacamole on my order, but just wanted extra sour cream...she stated that she couldn't. I calmly asked her again...I need you to remove that charge, I've never been charged for sour cream,lol...she explained the owner instructed them to charge for everything! I told her if she couldn't remove it, unfortunately I will have to remove her gratuity which was $10. She said she would do that...I felt bad, but I felt like customer service was not priority...Shame on the owner for putting there customers and employees in such a bad position. That's bad business, I will never eat at one of these restaurants again. And I'm okay with that, I have my favorite "go to" Mexican restaurants😊

    Los Tres Hermanos Bar & Grill

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