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    Keri Rodriguez
    May 11, 2024

    This place was super nice. Leslie is an amazing gal and very helpful. She gave us a tour and shared all kind of information with us. Thank you to Leslie for your kindness and compassion.

    Michelle Fisher
    August 19, 2023

    My mom lived at Pacifica for many years, first in the Assisted Living section and then she transitioned to the Memory Care section after her Alzheimer’s Disease progressed. While we have seen a lot of turnover throughout the years, the current staff there is very good. The Memory Care dept. staff always treated my mother with genuine care as if she was family. Sadly, my mother passed away recently due to her late-stage Alzheimer’s and throughout the final time she spent there, I always knew that she was in good hands.

    Laura Kampmeyer Jaeggi
    December 14, 2022

    My sister and I found Pacifica as we were looking for new and immediate living accommodations for our ailing father in August, 2022. Their director of sales, Nicole Wessel, was extremely accommodating and helpful in getting the ball rolling so that our father would be able to move into Pacifica when he was discharged from the hospital. At the time, my sister and I felt relatively assured that we had made the appropriate choice for what our father was going to need, care wise. Within a week of his moving in, we started to have doubts about our father living at Pacifica. The front desk staff was impatient and almost rude when my sister and I would ask questions or seek support for our father (we were new to the world of assisted living, and definitely did not know the ropes yet). On his second day there, we had lunch with our father, having been told during our tour that residents were able to eat with visitors in the cafeteria. Partway through lunch, one of front desk staff rather rudely told us that we would have to leave. Confused, we explained that we were almost done eating (really, my father was the only one actually having lunch) and that were had been told that residents WERE allowed to have guests eat with them. We were hurried out so as not to further break the rules. I believe that this instance put my father off from ever eating in the public space again, and he took the rest of his meals in his room rather than go downstairs. It also seemed pretty apparent that there were not NEARLY enough caregivers for the number of residents staying at Pacifica. My father, being bedridden, used a call button for things like using the bathroom and getting dressed. In the times that my sister and I would visit him, we'd often wait over an hour before someone would come to assist our father. On at least one occasion, he was no longer able to hold his bowels while he waited. This is not something that should happen to a man who was actually being given the dignity and respect he deserved. Although being assured that caregivers would check on him and provide company throughout the day, our father was almost always alone. He had a rather serious fall once because (as he explained) he got bored being alone all day and decided to try and walk (this obviously was a poor choice on his part, but I feel perhaps would not have happened if he was being more closely attended to). Furthermore, his hygiene was not attended to in the manner that had been explained to us. He had one shower in the three weeks he stayed there, my sister and I did his laundry (aside from the bed linens that had to be changed because of his incontinence), and it did not appear his room was ever cleaned (although housekeeping was to be provided). My sister and I had to send numerous emails inquiring about these missing services before they were minimally addressed. We decided after only a week and a half that Pacifica was NOT the best placement and we started looking for better accommodations. I sent THREE emails to their directors explaining that our father would be moving out before someone finally answered. Only after stating that our father would be moving out did anyone truly inquire about the quality of our father's care, despite the several prior emails inquiring about the lack of services he was being provided. We moved our father out at the beginning of October. I was told after putting in his notice that he'd be moving that he'd still be responsible for paying for October. After his move, I inquired several more times about this final payment only to find out that Pacifica would be reimbursing him $29. I have contacted Angelica, the executive director, several times regarding this money and she has yet to respond. The lack of care and service that Pacifica provides makes me caution ANYONE from having a loved on stay there. My family had a terrible experience with them, start to finish, and I do not wish anyone else to experience the same.

    M F
    November 21, 2022

    Latasha Moody’s exceptional work ethic and kindness touches the family members of those who reside at Pacifica Senior Living in Newhall California in a special way. My mom has Alzheimer's and my grandma, 95 just broke a hip. They both live at Pacifica Senior Living. My dad who has Parkinson's visits almost daily. Latasha tries to make their difficult situation as good as possible by being kind and encouraging. Latasha is great about keeping me informed. She is proactive in her approach which is extremely important as I live hours away.  For example, my grandma needed a wheelchair pad to avoid skin breakdown.  Latasha let me know right away so we could address the problem immediately. Working with Latasha is easy and straightforward. She is reliable, consistent, and kind. Thank you Latasha!

    diane lamb
    July 09, 2020

    Making the decision to place a loved one in an Assisted Living or Memory Care Community can be very stressful. It seemed to be overwhelming, and with COVID-19 very challenging. We are so happy with our decision to secure an apartment in Pacifica Senior Living Santa Clarita. Working with their entire staff, from the administration, medical staff, concierge and maintenance, we never felt stressed or overwhelmed. The transition went so smooth, very profession and very quickly. The staff was excellent with communication and compassion. We feel strongly that our loved one is in good hands and will flourish in her new environment and community. Thank you so much

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